Engaging customers to reduce churn and differentiate from competitors

2015 brought alarming news for the insurance industry in the form of two industry studies which reported record-breaking drops in customer experience satisfaction. Insurance companies are fast realising that customer experience now one of the most important ways to achieve competitive differentiation in an increasingly commoditised market. Customers have more options and higher expectations than ever before, and very little loyalty to insurance companies.

Creating truly engaged customers is the most sure-fire way to ensure a reduction in churn levels and increased profitability. For today’s customer, this means an engaging digital experience, fast-response times and a company which puts the customer first. Customer Experience Transformation: Insurance will bring together pioneering customer experience leaders in the insurance industry to guide you through the best ways to achieve true customer satisfaction loyalty.

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Discover How To:

Engage with customers during ‘moments of truth’ to increase loyalty and reduce churn

Embrace digital transformation in order to meet the growing demands of Generation Y

Foster innovation across the customer journey to differentiate from competitors in a commoditised market

Leverage social media as a new channel to engage customers and reduce churn

Transform interactions in the contact centre to create more satisfied customers

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