10 Lessons For the Insurance Industry on Taking Customer Journey Mapping to the Next Level

Customer journey mapping equips insurers to make the right strategic decisions at the right time in future transactions. This skill is key to improving the customer experience. For example, knowing when to pitch the right additional products to customers and exactly what those products are. Dave Wilton of Admiral Group maintains that processes need to be personalised and for an insurance company hoping to grow its consumer base targeted marketing is imperative, as is the ability to create a targeted package for the customer.

With correct targeting being of importance it follows that customer journey mapping must be accurate and representative. Although, the task of being representative is complicated as the journey is unique to the individual and can involve different complexities such as multifaceted relationships with individuals, various locations, obstacles, challenging needs and multiple product lines. 2 Customer journey mapping in the insurance industry is certainly a skill that needs sharpening in comparison to other markets. The incentive for doing so being that sophisticated customer journey mapping will unlock opportunities to enhance customer strategies in a targeted, methodical manner.

With this in mind, here are 10 lessons for the insurance industry on the subject of sophisticated customer journey mapping.

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