20 - 21 June, 2017
London, UK

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10 Lessons For the Insurance Industry on Taking Customer Journey Mapping to the Next Level

Customer journey mapping equips insurers to make the right strategic decisions at the right time in future transactions. This skill is key to improving the customer experience. For example, knowing when to pitch the right additional products to customers and exactly what those products are. Dave Wilton of Admiral Group maintains that processes... Read More

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CX Transformation for Insurance: Is Trust the Biggest Issue?

It probably goes without saying that improving customer satisfaction is a challenge for any business. From delivering consistency across all channels, to keeping up with a rapid pace of technological change and an increasingly demanding customer base, the road to transformation can appear daunting to most. But to insurance providers, the challenge... Read More

The Evolution of Customer Experience

The key trends, challenges and investments from the last 12 months and how they will shape the CX landscape in... Read More

6 Ways to Create an Exceptional Customer Experience using Multiple Digital Channels

Since the early beginnings of internet-enabled services, the Nordic region has pioneered the adoption of digital into customer experience management (CEM). Today’s customers are more open to conducting their customer relationship in digital environments and these digital environments have become increasingly important over time. Embracing a... Read More

The Voice of the Customer is getting louder – are you listening?

Time to reduce painful processes How many times have you come across a company that doesn’t claim to put customers at the heart of its strategy?  But how many of us actually do? Delivering excellent service to customers extends far beyond a polite smile at the door. So many companies are so frustrating to do business with that... Read More

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Q&A: Damien Bourgois, AXA Belgium, on how insurers can improve CX

AXA Belgium provides life, property and casualty insurance products to both private individuals and corporate customers, including industrial accident, auto, fire, home, and TPL private life insurance. Damien Bourgeois, head of CRM and Customer Intelligence, will be presenting a keynote case study at the Customer Experience Transformation for... Read More

Managing the End to End Customer Experience via Digital Channels

An array data points are at the finger tips of insurers so they can inject more colour into the customer experience and fine tune corporate models. So even if clients are not spoken to over the phone or face- to-face, the insurer’s digital approach should be so personable that it engages and directly speaks to the client at hand. Although,... Read More

3 ways big data will modernize the Insurance Industry

This article explores how big data will affect customer experience, fraudulent claims and profits of the insurance industry. STAT: Fraudulent claims cost the insurance industry £2.1 billion a year. Are you ready to use data to fight back and improve your Customer Experience? Find out tips on how to use Big Data analysis for your Customer... Read More

Future-proofing Insurance Processes

This exclusive eBook summarizes the importance of how customer experience, data connectivity and ease of access continue to drive innovation across the insurance... Read More

How Insurance Companies Can Make Customer Experience Their Competitive Differentiator

With insight from DirectLine Group, Admiral Group and Swiss Re, CX Network presents: How Insurance Companies Can Make Customer Experience Their Competitive Differentiator. This article focuses on the value add an enhanced customer experience can have on your business and the forecast for the next stage in the insurance... Read More


CX Transformation for Insurance: Where to Start? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here, CX Network offers a breakdown of strategic options across three common objectives for insurance companies as we approach Customer Experience Transformation: Insurance (25–26 May, 2016; United Kingdom), the ideal place to source all the information you need from the... Read More

Six Building Blocks For A Concrete Customer-Centric Strategy

Discover what customer experience issues your customers are facing today and understand more ways you can help them with their software solution decisions by reading this article. Understand why insurance companies are under increasing pressure to achieve customer-centric transformation of their services to build customer trust and improve public... Read More

White Papers

The Customer Experience Report: Insurance Edition

In this CX Network report we explore some of the key strategies insurers need to successfully deliver to provide a consistently positive customer experience in an increasingly complex, digital world and how they are implementing them. Produced ahead of the Customer Experience Insurance Summit, this report highlights trends and case studies, as... Read More

Customer Management eBook: Meeting the Needs of the Digital, Social & Mobile Customer

Based on extensive research gleaned from surveying Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Customer Officers, and Strategic Directors of Customer Experience, Digital Marketing, Mobile Marketing, eCommerce, and Social Media, this eBook explores how organisations are approaching customer experience in today’s digital world. The aim is for these... Read More

Exclusive Presentations

Simon Evans, Vitality Health

At last year’s Customer Experience Transformation: Insurance Forum, Simon Evans, Continuous Improvement Director at Vitality Health shared how he had reduced pain points along the customer journey to improve overall customer satisfaction. Take a look at his presentation to get an idea of what to expect at this year's forum.... Read More

Achieving Digital Transformation Across the Insurance Sector to Ensure a Successful Customer Management Strategy

Stuart Booth, Director of Digital at RSA, spoke at Customer Experience Transformation: Insurance 2015 about "doing to insurance what Apple did to the computer" and his top 10 tips to get you going.... Read More


Optimising the Customer Experience through Multi-Channel Customer Management

With customers demanding the ability to interact in their preferred channel and move easily between other channels, providing a seamless multi-channel environment is imperative for Nordic retailers. To ensure success of your brand, you must deliver the best experience in every channel. This Customer Management IQ infographic highlights the... Read More