The Voice of the Customer is getting louder – are you listening?

Time to reduce painful processes How many times have you come across a company that doesn’t claim to put customers at the heart of its strategy?  But how many of us actually do? Delivering excellent service to customers extends far beyond a polite smile at the door. So many companies are so frustrating to do business with that it’s enough to make you want to tear your hair out and run around howling at the moon. Here's why it's time for a renewed focus on what the Voice of the Customer means for your business. No press is bad press? The now-famous “United Breaks Guitars” story where Canadian musician Dave Carroll posted humorous music videos on YouTube about his frustrated attempts to get compensation from the airline after - he claimed - baggage handlers damaged his guitar at Chicago’s O-Hare airport. You can watch one of the videos here: The videos quickly went “viral” receiving hundreds of thousands of views within just

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